You can contact Micron Service at 1-877-286-5921 (ask for service) to get help with your Filterqueen Majestic and Defender or to arrange a in-home service check-up FREE!

Since 1998 and even today, Micron Filtration Sales and Service is the #1 authorized service distributor in the Nation. Our qualified service staff is here to serve you. We come to you in your home, or if you are not near one of our service representatives, we can mail everything to you. Even if your machine is broken you can mail it to us and we will fix it and mail it back to you promptly. We will deliver your machine to you for free. We specialize in customer service and satisfaction. Our products will cater to your every cleaning need. There is no substitute to the service we provide. You should schedule a yearly service appointment. By doing this you:

can keep your warranty up-to-date

can get your machine fixed (if broken), usually in your home

get discounts on any products we sell that you can't find in stores!!!

If you are having minor troubles with your Defender or Majestic please visit our Defender Frequently Asked Questions or Majestic Frequently Asked Questions pages. If this doesn't help please call us at 1-877-286-5921.

If you need serious repair on your Defender or Majestic

you can send it to us. Please include your name, phone number, email and address in a separate paper within your shipment. Visit our contact page for our address and phone number. Remember, if you get your Majestic or Defender repaired by a used vacuum shop you VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

Why should you use Micron Filtration Authorized Service Technicians rather than a local used vacuum shop?

By using another shop you void your warranty on your defender or majestic. They cannot offer you a warranty. We can offer you a new warranty on your machine and parts changed. They will charge you for service time fixing your machine PLUS parts. A used vacuum shop will charge you lower prices for their parts and then charge you a lot of money for service time. We do not charge you for our time spent whatsoever. This saves you money! We will keep you up to date on your tracking information, what needs to be replaced, and when we have completed service on your machine.

What do our authorized service technicians do?

For your Majestic:

go through your machine and find the problem.

make sure there are no other problems with your machine.

replace your old filter cone with a brand new one.

replace your flat disk filter that protects your motor.

make sure your majestic is running up to factory specifications. make sure all of your fittings and wire harnesings are fitted properly.

24 hour turn around on your machine.

keep you up to date on your tracking information and what needs to be done to fix your machine.

For your Defender:

Since your Defender is a Class II medical device we have to send it back to the factory required by the FDA. No office authorizes technitions to fix a broken Defender. If you purchase your filters regularly, or purchse your filters when you send your Defender to us, we can renew your warranty and send your broken Defender to the factory for you. Purchasing your filters for your Defender you will save over $1,000 on your broken Defender. Once we send it in the factory will either repair it and send it back to us to send it to you. If your defender is broken beyond repair the factory will send you a brand new one free of charge (if your Defender is under warranty, you keep your warrnanty by purchasing your filters through Micron Filtration).



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